Nazi school test leads to change in education directors


A school test that asked students to analyse a piece of writing without revealing it was Nazi apologist text has led to a shake up in leadership within the Austrian education authorities. The mistake was leaked by a group of critical authors, including Salzburg educator Wolfgang Muehlbacher who said that the 1947 text ‘The Snail’ […]

Housework poll reveals conservative views


A vast majority think women must know how to run a household, a new study has shown.Research firm IMAS said today (Fri) 77 per cent of Austrian men demand from women of being capable of handling the housework. The pollster highlighted that a majority of 66 per cent of interviewed women said they agreed with […]

Thousands ogle A380 in Vienna and Linz


Thousands of aviation enthusiasts turned up in Vienna and Linz to get a glimpse of the new Airbus A380 yesterday (Weds).The world’s biggest passenger aircraft landed at Vienna International Airport (VIA) and Linz Airport as part of a Europe-wide test flights session.Around 1,500 airplane fans came to VIA to watch the double-decker plane – which […]

Austrian banks ‘will not flee Greece’


The chiefs of Austria’s biggest banks ensured they would not reduce investments in financially struggling Greece.Raiffeisenzentralbank (RZB) boss Walter Rothensteiner said after a meeting with the heads of Austria’s other four major banks and People’s Party (ÖVP) Finance Minister: “We will not speculate against Greece, and we won’t reduce our investments in the country.”Austrian banks […]