Kids taught luck in schools


An Austrian pilot project to teach “luck” to students in classes in the southern province of Styria is now to be expanded across the country after it was hailed as a success in making kids happier and feeling better about themselves. Teachers are already starting to get training in how to teach the lessons in […]

Doves released for funerals offer


The Viennese funeral parlour Furtner now offers a symbolic supplement of the classic funeral. White doves can be released into the sky during the ceremony. Doves that fly towards the sky symbolise love, luck or peace, but also the rising of the soul of the dead. Melanie Furnter, head of the funeral parlour, is convinced […]

Salzburg pensioner injured from falling tree

General News

A pensioner was seriously injured yesterday (Thurs) when a tree he was cutting down fell on top of him near Rauris in Salzburg’s Pinzgau region.Police said the man, 60, had been the victim of bad luck since the tree’s branches had hit another tree as it was falling, changing the direction of its fall onto […]