Doves released for funerals offer

The Viennese funeral parlour Furtner now offers a symbolic supplement of the classic funeral. White doves can be released into the sky during the ceremony.

Doves that fly towards the sky symbolise love, luck or peace, but also the rising of the soul of the dead.

Melanie Furnter, head of the funeral parlour, is convinced that this ritual will comfort relatives and friends in the future.

The private funeral parlour was found in October 2012 in Vienna-Floridsdorf. The family business is available throughout the week around the clock.

Ms Furtner wants to support relatives in the extreme situation of death and take off the burden in a funeral.

The services range from standard funerals to special funerals such as motorbike funerals or funerals in a lake as well as thematic funerals.

The firm also offers provision packages, through which the living can make arrangements with the funeral parlour.