Austrians angered by EU light bulb ban


A vast majority of Austrians disapprove the European Union’s (EU) light bulb regulation. The EU’s decision to order an end to the production of regular light bulbs is widely considered as one of the most controversial steps taken by lawmakers in the past years. The decree was passed in an attempt to improve the protection […]

Pre-Christian gravesite discovered


Builders assigned to construct a new railroad in Carinthia found what is believed to be an ancient gravesite.Federal Railways (ÖBB) said today (Fri) four skeletons and funerary objects such as chains and various trinkets were discovered in the town of Kühnsdorf.An archaeologist who was asked to examine the bones and objects described them as “the […]

Hungarian crushed between lorries in Upper Austria

General News

A 50-year-old Hungarian was seriously injured yesterday (Thurs) when he was crushed between the trailer of a passing lorry and his own near Suben in Upper Austria’s Schärding district.Police said today the Hungarian and a 34-year-old fellow countryman were putting chains on their lorry when the trailer of a passing Polish lorry slid off Subener […]

Greenpeace backing CO2 seals for foodstuffs

Green Austria

By Lisa ChapmanGreenpeace Austria has said it is in talks with supermarket chains over the placement of CO2 seals on food products.The environmental group announced today (Thurs) it was talking to retail bosses about the seals – small labels stating how much CO2 was consumed in production of a good – which it claimed consumers […]