English made fun at new school for kids


For Hungarian banker Karole Havasy* the offer of a senior job at a bank in the city of London was almost a dream come true but with one problem – how would her daughter Andrea, 8, who spoke only Hungarian, manage in the move to a British school?   Karole had heard from pals about […]

Many Austrians willing to relocate, study shows


A fifth of Austrians plan to move within three years, a new poll reveals.Public opinion research firm Market found that 20 per cent of people are so unhappy about their current accommodation they seek a change of scenery in the coming three years. The agency said today (Weds) especially people aged 30 and older want […]

Vienna woman ‘spent last holiday in Italy’ after fake bag fine

General News

A Viennese woman has warned this year’s holiday was her last in Italy after she was fined for buying a fake designer handbag.Ursula C. was slapped a 1,000-Euro fine after she admitted having paid seven Euros for a forged Luis Vuitton bag offered by a vender at the beach of Adriatic hotspot Jesolo last week.The […]