Vienna woman ‘spent last holiday in Italy’ after fake bag fine

A Viennese woman has warned this year’s holiday was her last in Italy after she was fined for buying a fake designer handbag.Ursula C. was slapped a 1,000-Euro fine after she admitted having paid seven Euros for a forged Luis Vuitton bag offered by a vender at the beach of Adriatic hotspot Jesolo last week.The northern Italian town’s association of hotel managers assured the holidaymaker it would compensate her over fears the incidence – which was received media coverage across the world – would damage Jesolo’s reputation.But the 65-year-old woman said today (Thurs): “I wouldn’t have paid anyway. I was handed a some sort of ticket but did not sign anything. One thing is for sure though: This was my last holiday in Italy.”Jesolo security issues councillor Andrea Boccato however warned the incident was just the kick-off of the town’s major crackdown on illegal purchase of forged goods.”This summer is going to be hot – zero tolerance towards illegal trade,” he warned.