Moscow flops in holiday safety poll


A vast majority of Austrians have admitted fears of street crime in Moscow.Insurance agency Allianz found that only 14 per cent consider the Russian capital as a safe place to visit. The insurer said today (Tues) New York in the United States fared slightly better as 28 per cent of Austrians say they are not […]

Allianz Austria seeks extra staff


Insurance company Allianz Austria plans to hire additional employees, it emerged today (Fri).The firm, which belongs to the German Allianz Insurance Group, announced it wanted to engage 280 clerks to match growing demand in its private life insurance products.Allianz Austria has 3,410 staff, an increase since 2009, when the number was below 3,300.Chairman Wolfram Littich […]

Insurance firm wants more ‘green’ car repair

Green Austria

By David RogersThe Vienna insurance firm Allianz has called for more environmentally-friendly car repair.Firm board member Johann Oswald said today (Thurs) that a study by the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology in Germany had shown that smaller repairs instead of the installation of new spare parts resulted in significantly lower emissions of greenhouse gases.Oswald said such […]