Crisis ‘not the cause of most bankruptcies’


Common belief that the economic downturn is to blame for most bankruptcies has been debunked by an insolvency expert.The CreditorsÂ’ Protection Association of 1870 (KSV) announced today (Thurs) that only 19 per cent of all of last yearÂ’s 6,376 business bankruptcies had firm-external and crisis-related grounds.The organisation claimed 44 per cent of all of the […]

Insurance firm wants more ‘green’ car repair

Green Austria

By David RogersThe Vienna insurance firm Allianz has called for more environmentally-friendly car repair.Firm board member Johann Oswald said today (Thurs) that a study by the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology in Germany had shown that smaller repairs instead of the installation of new spare parts resulted in significantly lower emissions of greenhouse gases.Oswald said such […]