Moscow flops in holiday safety poll

A vast majority of Austrians have admitted fears of street crime in Moscow.Insurance agency Allianz found that only 14 per cent consider the Russian capital as a safe place to visit. The insurer said today (Tues) New York in the United States fared slightly better as 28 per cent of Austrians say they are not worried about felonies in the city.Austrian capital Vienna tops the rankings with an approval of 92 per cent, followed by German capital Berlin (75 per cent). Sixty-six per cent of Austrians regard London, Great Britain, as secure while 64 per cent say the same about Paris, France. Amsterdam in the Netherlands follows with 61 per cent.The Allianz poll also shows that 44 per cent of Austrian city travellers get themselves up to date about the crime rate in the destination of their choice prior to departure.Detailed figures reveal that unrests worry fewer Austrians (45 per cent) than the possibility of becoming victims of theft (48 per cent). Forty-two per cent admit being generally concerned about terrorist attacks when going on a city vacation.More than one out of five (22 per cent) of Austrians who spent holidays in a city in the past said they suffered at least one theft of valuables. Around 15 per cent lost their luggage before – but a staggering majority of 80 per cent of all people Allianz spoke to said they saw no need to apply for travel insurance.Another study – carried out by the Institute for Leisure and Tourism Research (IFT) and motorist association ÖAMTC in March – showed that 29 per cent of Austrians have no holiday plans for this year. The pollsters found that especially people who earn comparably little will not go on vacation in 2011.The IFP / ÖAMTC survey identified Austria as the most popular destination among those who will take a holiday. Italy, Croatia and Spain are other acclaimed destinations, according to the research.