Investigation against Carinthian media boss

General News

The Carinthian media owner Hansjörg Berger has confirmed he is currently being investigated by the anti-corruption authorities. Part of the money earned from advertising is thought to have flowed back into the accounts of the former freedom party in Carinthia (FPK). He is accused of having transferred money to the party through an advertising agency […]

Key for Two at Viennas English Theatre [Review]


By Olivia Michaud Key for Two at Vienna’s English Theatre is a quintessentially British comedy. The play by John Chapman and Dave Freeman has to be one of the funniest and timeless shows about in the Austrian capital. Indeed – at no point in history has it been easy for single women to survive financially. […]

Styrian heart beats on the Vienna Rathausplatz

Culinary Guide

The Styrian spring has arrived – of all places in the Vienna Rathausplatz. From today 12 April until 16 April everything in the town hall square will be decidedly Styrian. Alongside traditional Styrian music the bands will also be accompanied by a violinist and there is also a tap dancing group from Krieglach/Alpl. The whole […]