Investigation against Carinthian media boss

The Carinthian media owner Hansjörg Berger has confirmed he is currently being investigated by the anti-corruption authorities.

Part of the money earned from advertising is thought to have flowed back into the accounts of the former freedom party in Carinthia (FPK).

He is accused of having transferred money to the party through an advertising agency when active at local magazine “Drautaler” between 2007 and 2009.

There were several house raids and confiscations during searches by the anti-corruption authorities (Wirtschafts- und Korruptionsstaatsanwaltschaft). The spokesperson for the authority Eva Habicher said a total of three individuals were being investigated in the affair.

Hansjörg Berger said: “There was never a house search at my home. I have long been cooperating with the investigating bodies and have laid all the facts on the table.”

He said he made a mistake back then, but personally never made any profit from the business.