Parking stickers rejected in Vienna-Hietzing


The parking sticker was rejected in a poll of residents in Vienna-Hietzing. Around a quarter of residents oppose an introduction of a parking sticker. 59% of 41,000 persons who are entitled to vote took part in the poll. 18,618 people voted against and 5,113 people voted in favour of the parking sticker. 41,000 questionnaires were […]

Road toll offender attacks policemen

General News

A Slovakian driver has been arrested for attacking two policemen, it has been announced.Viennese traffic officials said today (Mon) the 45-year-old kicked the officers when they fined him for driving on the A22 Donauufer motorway without a road toll sticker on Saturday.The tourist was put in custody in a Viennese jail. He will face a […]