Parking stickers rejected in Vienna-Hietzing

The parking sticker was rejected in a poll of residents in Vienna-Hietzing. Around a quarter of residents oppose an introduction of a parking sticker. 59% of 41,000 persons who are entitled to vote took part in the poll.

18,618 people voted against and 5,113 people voted in favour of the parking sticker. 41,000 questionnaires were sent and 24,000 were returned, which is a participation rate of around 59 percent.

The head of the district Heinz Gerstbach (ÖVP) declared before the poll that he would stick to the results.

“The immense majority who voted against the parking sticker is almost three quarters of all votes. This includes not only supporters of the ÖVP, but also those who do not support the SPÖ or the Green Party”, Mr Gerstbach said.

Reinhard Feistritzer (SPÖ), deputy of the head of the district, stated that this clear result needs to be recognized.

“It was clear that a poll about the parking management would result in a rejection, if the residents of the whole district were inquired. We have, however, not expected such a huge majority who are against the parking sticker”, he said.

Head of the ÖVP Manfred Juraczka said it would be a “victory for direct democracy”. He demands that mayor Michael Häupl and traffic councillor of the city Maria Vassilakou “fundamentally change the parking management”.

The residents of the district of Währing in Vienna have repeatedly rejected the proposal that parking should be subject to charges.