Fee for using toilets at motorway service stations

Owners of service stations next to motorways in Austria will be able to demand a fee for the use of their toilets, starting in April. Using the toilet will cost 0,50 Euros but there will be a service in return.

Owners of service stations have argued for a long time that many people use their toilets without even refueling their car. Thus, the owners have to bear the costs for the cleaning.

The ASFINAG (Austrian motorway financing stock corporation) was strictly against fees and even went to court in order to fight against it.

The parties settled and agreed upon fees of 0,50 Euros, starting in April. Guests will, however, will receive a voucher that is valid for a year and can also be used when refueling the car.

However, it will still be free to use toilets at ASFINAG service stations.