Road toll offender attacks policemen

A Slovakian driver has been arrested for attacking two policemen, it has been announced.Viennese traffic officials said today (Mon) the 45-year-old kicked the officers when they fined him for driving on the A22 Donauufer motorway without a road toll sticker on Saturday.The tourist was put in custody in a Viennese jail. He will face a high traffic fine and charges for assaulting police officers.Drivers without a valid “Vignette” sticker are fined up to 300 Euros if caught. The annual sticker costs 76.50 Euros, while motorway authority Asfinag also offers a 10-day or two-month option for 4.50 Euros / 11.50 Euros respectively.Asfinag made around 340 million Euros by selling 22.1 million road toll stickers last year.