Row over slow pace of Schwedenplatz redevelopment


The planned redevelopment of Schwedenplatz and Morzinplatz in Vienna has caused troubles. Head of the district Ursula Stenzel (ÖVP) thinks that the planning phase is taking too long. Planning Chief Maria Vassilakou rejects the accusations. The head of the first district accuses the City of Vienna of biding their time as there is apparently no […]

Nicole Kidman praises Vienna


Nicole Kidman, who was visiting Vienna as a guest of the producer of luxury watches, praised the city in a press conference. She loves the “wonderful classical music” and was reminded of private visits ten years ago. It has not been Nicole Kidman’s first visit to Vienna. At a press conference, which was called in […]

Obituary: The Vienna-born heroine who gave equal rights to Japanese women

General News

A Viennese-born woman who single handedly rewrote the constitution of Japan to give women equal rights has died aged 89, the New York Times reports. Beate Sirota Gordon was born in Vienna on Oct. 25, 1923, as the daughter of Russian Jewish parents, and died of pancreatic cancer, her daughter, Nicole Gordon, said. Beate was […]