Nicole Kidman praises Vienna

Nicole Kidman, who was visiting Vienna as a guest of the producer of luxury watches, praised the city in a press conference. She loves the “wonderful classical music” and was reminded of private visits ten years ago.

It has not been Nicole Kidman’s first visit to Vienna. At a press conference, which was called in order to present “Ladymatic”, the new model of watches, the Hollywood Star revealed that she had privately visited the city ten years ago.

She had been shooting a film in Bratislava and had visited Vienna with her children every weekend “in order to relax”.

Ms Kidman remembers the “wonderful classical music” – she even went to a symphony concert. “I have nice memories of the city”, she said. This is why she was pleased that the presentation of “Ladymatic” would take place in Vienna.

“I wish I had more time to visit an Easter market in Vienna”, the actress said. However, she has to return to London where she is making the film “Before I go to sleep” together with Colin Firth.

“I am planning to come back though, London is not that far away”, Ms Kidman promised. She did not know that her ex-husband Tom Cruise would also soon visit Vienna for the premiere of his film.

Nicole Kidman praised Austrian film producers such as Michael Haneke. She said that “Amour” was one of her favourite films and that Austrians were lucky that such a talented director comes from Austria.

The Hollywood actress also praised the Viennese food at the Gala dinner at Palais Liechtenstein. 250 guests were invited to the event. “Ladymatic” was developed eight years ago. Ms Kidman has been the face of the campaign since 2010.