Niemetz takeover deal sealed


The Romanian Meinl subsidiary Heidi Chocolat will take over the insolvent Viennese Schwedenbomben manufacturer Niemetz. The money is said to have already been transferred to the liquidators. Roman Tahbaz of the 1980 credit reference agency (KSV) said that the purchase and the authorisations were now legally valid. Heidi Chocolat paid 5.25 million Euros for the […]

Appeal for baby Jonas to go back into care

Green Austria

Social workers ordered to hand back a 12-month-old boy to his mum after they took him into care because his grandmother had been fined for speeding have launched a legal challenge against the ruling. Baby Jonas, from Lambach, Austria, had been living with his 18-year-old mum Ann-Katrin Leitner and her partner Andreas when he was […]

Austrian designer claims Heidi Klum nicked her ideas


An Austrian designer has accused German supermodel Heidi Klum of stealing her ideas for a maternity fashion line.Anna Kos, from Klagenfurt in Carinthia, told magazine News: “We contacted her company last May to ask whether we may accouter her [during her fourth pregnancy] since I’m focusing on exclusive maternity fashion.”I sent them a package of […]