Niemetz takeover deal sealed

The Romanian Meinl subsidiary Heidi Chocolat will take over the insolvent Viennese Schwedenbomben manufacturer Niemetz.

The money is said to have already been transferred to the liquidators.

Roman Tahbaz of the 1980 credit reference agency (KSV) said that the purchase and the authorisations were now legally valid.

Heidi Chocolat paid 5.25 million Euros for the Schwedenbomben manufacturer. They have communicated their intention to keep the Austrian location and to continue making the Schwedenbomben.

The Viennese company struggled for months to try and survive as shareholders kept asking for more time in an attempt at consoling their creditors.

An investor based in Columbia was supposed to pay the cost of restructuring the company – 4.2 million Euros. However, the plan was dropped when the money failed to materialise within the given timeframe.