Austrian designer claims Heidi Klum nicked her ideas

An Austrian designer has accused German supermodel Heidi Klum of stealing her ideas for a maternity fashion line.Anna Kos, from Klagenfurt in Carinthia, told magazine News: “We contacted her company last May to ask whether we may accouter her [during her fourth pregnancy] since I’m focusing on exclusive maternity fashion.”I sent them a package of clothes and a catalogue since they told me they would love the idea,” the 31-year-old “BabyStar” clothing line mastermind added.Kos said she decided to get in touch with Klum again this year after the German model and TV presenter revealed plans to create her own maternity fashion collections called “lavish” and “loved”.The Austrian designer told News: “We told her of our concerns that she might copy our collection. She sent back the clothes but not the catalogue.”Günther Klum, Heidi Klum’s father and manager vehemently denies the accusations.He told the magazine: “Ridiculous! Heidi really can do without nicking ideas.”Klum claimed the catalogue ended up in the shredder.”If you take a look at the collections, you’ll find little similarities,” he claimed, adding: “I think this lady just needs publicity.”