Der Steirerhof – A real wellness oasis all year round


By Kathryn Quinn Wellness holiday are a booming trend in Austria – given the tough economic times, increasing daily pressure and the growing stress of everyday life this may not come as a surprise. However, this was not always the case. Wellness holidays really began to boom towards the mid 1990’s, it was around this […]

Organic meat with sheep shares

General News

Sheep shares are being offered in Austria in a bid to keep meadowland under control. The unique project has been set up in the Weinberge in southern Burgenland where the forests are threatening to encroach on the open landscape that previously existed. Now a project to keep the natural meadows the part of the local […]

Property prices in the Weinviertel rising

Green Austria

The extension of the North autobahn along the A5 is pushing up property prices in the Weinviertel. Local property agents say that the area has a good reputation especially among businesses and families who will find it a lot easier to get to the capital once the road extension is complete. The region offers the […]

Country folk have more sex, claims Hurley


Liz Hurley has claimed people living in the countryside have more sex.The actress and anti-breast cancer campaigner said: “I’d bet people living in the countryside are having more sex than city people – simply because it’s sexier in the countryside!”Speaking to Austrian magazine Madonna, the 45-year-old “Austin Powers” star added: “When I close my eyes […]