Property prices in the Weinviertel rising

The extension of the North autobahn along the A5 is pushing up property prices in the Weinviertel.

Local property agents say that the area has a good reputation especially among businesses and families who will find it a lot easier to get to the capital once the road extension is complete. The region offers the peace and quiet of the countryside but easy access to Vienna.

The A5 has already been open for about two years and the journey time to Mistelbach has been shortened by half as a result.

Experts say the increase in land prices has probably been around about 15 per cent as a result. At the moment in Mistelbach it costs around 80 Euros for a square metre of building land, and that is now going to go up by about 30 per cent according to conservative estimates, said local estate agent Alfred Kemler.

He said: “People move here because there is too little space in Vienna. Traffic is heavy – and they feel confined and they want peace. At the same time they don’t want to be too far away from Vienna.”

Similar easy access is also offered from other areas such as south of Vienna or in Klosterneuburg, but property prices are about 70 to 80 per cent higher and the travel times to Vienna not necessarily that much shorter.