High Noon as warm weather brings out the sheriffs

Danube island sheriffs swung into action this weekend as the first really warm weather of spring attracted tens of thousands of visitors to the area.

With temperatures in the Austrian capital touching 20 degrees centigrade it was the ideal start to attract roller skaters, runners, cyclists – dog walkers and sunworshippers.

In order to make sure there was no friction whether it was from speeding cyclists or dog walkers allowing animals to run free – the specially employed sheriffs were on patrol for the first time this weekend to make sure everything went smoothly. All dogs for example have to be muzzled and on a lead.

In addition the city councils Grill masters were on patrol looking for illegal BBQs. There are 15 barbecue locations on the island and lighting a barbecue on the floor or outside of those areas is not allowed. The Grill masters are on hand to enforce the rules.

Last year they had to work overtime after numerous disputes often between people who had booked reservations for certain times but who arrived to find the barbecue already occupied by unregistered users.

This year the sheriffs also got an info point which is 350 metres upstream from the Reichsbrücke.