1,500 at Schönbrunn Zoo run


Over 1,000 runners in fancy dress took part in the second edition of the Schönbrunn Zoo run in Vienna on Tuesday. The six-kilometre route led by a man dressed as a polar bear took the 1,500 competitors around the animal enclosures. Zoo director Dagmar Schratter said: “Everyone was enthusiastic about the run between elephants, zebras […]

Problem Bears brother killed by car

Green Austria

The brother of the real life Yogi bear who’s driven picnickers wild has been killed after he was hit by a car while crossing a mountain road in the Italian Alps. The European brown bear had been on a motorway in Klausen, near the Austrian border, when it was knocked down, say local wildlife officials. […]

Bear killer suspect expelled from hunters union

General News

A man accused of killing a brown bear has been excluded from the Carinthian Hunters Association.Officials said today (Fri) they decided to expel the hunter for life due to evidence garnered by special investigators examining the killing of bear Roznik. The animal’s skinned corpse was found with its head missing in a stream bed in […]