Problem Bears brother killed by car

The brother of the real life Yogi bear who’s driven picnickers wild has been killed after he was hit by a car while crossing a mountain road in the Italian Alps.

The European brown bear had been on a motorway in Klausen, near the Austrian border, when it was knocked down, say local wildlife officials.

Registration numbers showed the beast to be the older brother of the bear dubbed the real life Yogi in Austria after a food stealing spree from holidaymakers’ tents and cars.

Meanwhile, ‘Yogi’ has not lost his taste for an easy meal, despite being warned off by marksmen armed with rubber bullets.

And he is also back in Austria after he was spotted in Graubünden in Tyrol at the weekend.

After he was seen stealing another bee hive, Tyrol bear expert Martin Janovsky urged bee keepers to put an electric fence round their hives to keep him away.