Extreme stair run back in Vienna


The extreme stair run is once again to take place in Vienna, Austria. On August 31st around 200 participants are to attempt to run the 2,529 steps of the 202 metre Millennium Tower. According to organisers it is the ‘most extreme stair run in the world’. This is the fourth time the event takes place […]

Deal to stop building at the Wörthersee

Green Austria

Environmental campaigners are hailing a victory after local officials in Carinthia agreed to a complete stop on further building around the lakeside at the Wörthersee. After decades of uninterrupted expansion of buildings with jetties and concrete steps leading into the water there is now a situation where more than half of the lakeside has been […]

Beer tasting with Salzburg’s Stiegl


By Rebecca Musgrave In 1492 a brewery was established on the banks of the river in Salzburg, Austria. Workers had to walk down a small flight of steps to get to the water and as such the famous Stiegl (small steps) brewery was founded. Far from its previous reputation as the “little brewery by the […]