Extreme stair run back in Vienna

The extreme stair run is once again to take place in Vienna, Austria.

On August 31st around 200 participants are to attempt to run the 2,529 steps of the 202 metre Millennium Tower.

According to organisers it is the ‘most extreme stair run in the world’.

This is the fourth time the event takes place in Vienna.

As part of the Millennium Tower Run Up extreme the participants have to run up the 2,529 steps each measuring a height of 18 centimetres and 26 cm wide in three rounds.

The „Empire State Building Run Up” in New York City, has been taking place since 1978 participants tackle 1,567 steps. As part of the „Taipeh 101 Run” participants climb 2,046 steps.

Millennium Tower Run Up extreme spokesperson Christina Steidl said: “The Millennium Tower Run Up Extreme is the most extreme stair run in the world.”

Michael Reichetzeder, from the international Tower Running Society said: “Every year 19 of these 19 runs take place. Alongside the Empire State Building and the  Messeturm in Frankfurt, the Messeturm Basel and the Torre Colpataria in Columbia, the Millennium Tower in Vienna is one one of the biggest challenges.”

Steidl added: “As part of the “Tower Run Up extreme” 200 people run from the ground floor to the terrace on the 48th floor in three rounds. This is equivalent to a sprint of 4,500 metres.

For safety reasons the participants start one after the other.  Overtaking is not dangerous as the staircase is wide.

Alongside the “Tower Run up Extreme” the “Millennium Tower Run Up light” is also to take place.

300 amateurs climb 843 steps to the top – but only complete one round instead of the three in the professional run.

Competitors from Austria and abroad are expected to take part including athletes from the USA, UK and Australia.

The best time is held by world cup leader Piotr Lobodzinski with a time of 11:36,40 minutes.  he hopes to beat that time this year.

He said: “We are expecting a new record this year.”

As well as points in the World Cup Tower Running league the winner can win prize money of 4,500 Euro, which is split between the three best men and women.

Registration can be made up until August 23rd and costs 15 Euro.