New cable car concept for Vienna to be presented

The Kahlenberg in Vienna could be set to get a cable car according to new reports.

The Vienna Chamber of Commerce recommends the implementation of the cable car saying it would be great for tourism.

The new concept is to be presented on Friday by Josef Bitzinger, Tourism Representative at the Chamber of Commerce and the President of the Chamber of Commerce Brigitte Jank.

A model of the potential cable car concept is to be presented. the Chamber of Commerce is not to build the cable car itself, but wants to show what could be achieved through such a plan.

It is thought either the City of Vienna or a private partner could build the cable car.

Bitzinger has already spoke about the potential for a cable car on Kahlenberg. Last year he outlined the advantages of such an attraction – saying it would be a good means of transport and a great tourist attraction.

It would have a great capacity threshold and would also be a great barrier free means of transport and be environmentally friendly.

Back in 1973 the 484 metre Kahlenberg was reachable with a cog wheel railway.