Deal to stop building at the Wörthersee

Environmental campaigners are hailing a victory after local officials in Carinthia agreed to a complete stop on further building around the lakeside at the Wörthersee.

After decades of uninterrupted expansion of buildings with jetties and concrete steps leading into the water there is now a situation where more than half of the lakeside has been built on.

The buildings bring a substantial income to the national forestry commission that licenses the land but which has now agreed with the regional government to a complete stop on any further development.

The development that has taken place so far means that the Wörthersee is currently the most developed lake in Austria.

Government forestry spokesman Georg Erlacher who signed a new deal with the regional government to stop any more development on the 46 kilometres of shore along the side of the lake said the aim was to secure the remaining areas for fish and reed growth and as security for the future of the natural beauty spot.

He said it was vital for the ecological balance that no further development me allowed. At the moment roughly every 30 metres there is development by the lake.

Environmental protection Councillor Uwe Scheuch (FPK)said: “We have marinas steps and various platform constructions covering 10 hectares around the lake. That is causing many problems and massive over usage.”