Cher invited to Opera Ball


Richard Lugner has asked Cher to attend the upcoming Vienna Opera Ball with him, according to an Austrian magazine.Weekly magazine News reports today (Thurs) that the 78-year-old businessman has put in a request with the American film and pop star’s management. It is unclear whether Cher has shown interest in following the invitation.Cher won an […]

Lugner and ‘Eskimo Limon’ star to attend Graz ball


Veteran playboy Richard Lugner will attend this year’s Graz Opera ball with cult actor Zachi Noy, it has emerged.The 78-year-old businessman, whose girlfriend Anastasia Sokol is 57 years his junior, said today (Tues) he will be accompanied by Noy who rose to fame by starring in bizarre 1978 soft porn comedy movie “Eskimo Limon”.The Israeli, […]