Cher invited to Opera Ball

Richard Lugner has asked Cher to attend the upcoming Vienna Opera Ball with him, according to an Austrian magazine.Weekly magazine News reports today (Thurs) that the 78-year-old businessman has put in a request with the American film and pop star’s management. It is unclear whether Cher has shown interest in following the invitation.Cher won an Academy Award for her performance in the romantic comedy “Moonstruck” in 1987. She can currently be seen in new musical movie “Burlesque” alongside singer Christina Aguilera.Lugner can look back on many years in the construction business and as head manager of Lugner City, his own shopping centre. These achievements have however been overshadowed by his successful attempts to get celebrities to attend the Vienna State Opera Ball together. Hollywood diva Faye Dunaway and former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell have accompanied Lugner to the society get-together in recent years.The veteran playboy reportedly paid 72,000 Euros to “Desperate Housewives” star Nicollette Sheridan to come to Vienna for three days in 2009 and attend the ball with him and his family and friends. Lugner refused to reveal how much he has paid to the actresses and singers he has convinced to accompany him year after year. The businessman attended the Graz Opera Ball with cult actor Zachi Noy, 57, last week.Lugner’s infamously bad English has sparked some laughs over the years. In his most  recent blunder, Lugner described Noy as his “hostage”.The Vienna-born entrepreneur said he will inform the press next Thursday (10 February) who will be his personal guest at the Vienna Opera Ball which will take place on 3 March.Lugner was accompanied to last year’s Opera Ball by German casting show juror Dieter Bohlen after Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan missed her flight.Live broadcasts from the red carpet and the screening of the ball’s opening have gained high ratings and top market shares for Austrian TV channel ORF over the years.