More sport activity for pupils needs more cash


The President of the Vienna School Board, Susanne Brandsteidl, believes the intended introduction of daily gym lessons for full time schools is a positive thing. However, the discussion is still continuing on the issue of financial resources for teachers and gym halls. Around 32,000 children and young people will be affected by the introduction of […]

Faymann fears Greek exit costs


Social Democratic (SPÖ) Chancellor Werner Faymann has warned from a Greek Eurozone exit. Faymann said such a scenario would be “very risky” and include “many yet unknown aspects”. Faymann said: “No one can predict where this would lead. The only thing that can be said with certainty is that it would all be very expensive […]

Knoflacher emphasises pedestrian zones’ economic effects

General News

A renowned traffic planner has stressed that shop owners are generally appreciating the introduction of pedestrian zones. Hermann Knoflacher, who masterminded the reconstruction of the busy Kärntner Straße and other streets in the heart of Vienna into an area for pedestrians in the 1960s – told magazine profil: “The debate prior to the creation of […]

Austrian Euro boost found to be strongest


Austria benefited the most by the introduction of the Euro, according to an investigation. The German department of internationally operating consulting group McKinsey examined the economic performance of the 17 members of the Eurozone to determine which nation prospered the most. Twelve European Union (EU) states including Austria are the Eurozone’s founding members as they […]