FPÖ justifies ‘Moroccan thieves’ campaign


High-ranking representatives of the Freedom Party (FPÖ) have defended controversial slogans of the party’s Tyrolean department. The rightist party’s Innsbruck branch warned from “Moroccan thieves” in rhyme on a recently presented poster. The slogan was part of the FPÖ’s campaign for the upcoming Innsbruck city hall ballot. Residents of the provincial capital of Tyrol will […]

BA to offer SmartBanking


Bank Austria (BA) bosses have revealed plans to introduce a service based on the functions of mobile phones of the latest generation.BA private customer’s head of agendas Rainer Hauser said today (Tues) customers will be able to use the programme called SmartBanking with their smartphones over the internet, but also via post and fax.The model […]