Young storks hatch in Rust

The first young storks hatched in the town of Rust, Burgenland (Eastern Austria). This year, 19 nests have been occupied. In almost all of them, stork babies hatched and are still hatching.

14 stork couples have been incubating their eggs. Due to the cold weather, their offspring was born ten days late, said Josef Karassowitsch of the stork association.

The first stork couples have to make sure that the young storks get enough food. At the end of August, they have to be strong enough as to be able to travel to Africa.

Those who climb the church tower in Rust, can look directly into the storks’ nests, which are on the roof tops. You can see exactly how many young storks are in the nests and how many eggs are still left.

The members of the stork association write down the exact details about the newborn storks.

Last year, 34 young storks left the nests. It remains unclear how many of them will leave their nests this year.