Fritzl cellar party claims ‘disgraceful and insane’

Amstetten’s Social Democratic (SPÖ) Mayor Herbert Katzengruber has branded reports that teens are regularly going gown into the cellar dungeon built by Josef Fritzl “idiotic lies”.Referring to articles in British newspapers, Katzengruber said today (Fri): “Can our society sink to any further depths? In which world are we living? I’m deeply shocked.”The politician said the stories – published by the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and other dailies – were “disgraceful and insane”. Katzengruber fumed: “People should not be bothered with such poor journalism. These stories are nothing but idiotic lies.”Newspapers in the United Kingdom claimed earlier this week that teenagers have been celebrating wild parties in the secret cellar rooms Fritzl set up to imprison his daughter Elisabeth for more than 24 years.”Police stopped watching the place long ago,” a member of a gang who intruded the site – which is set to be demolished in the coming weeks – was quoted as saying.The unnamed teen added: “The walls are very thick. You can play music down there. No one will hear anything. The smell is atrocious. The word went out before Christmas that the garage door was open. You descend down a slope into his garage and then into the cellar. It’s easy.”Reports in the British press also have it that the party-making youngsters left smashed alcohol bottles and drug paraphernalia behind.Fritzl, 75, raped Elisabeth countless times during the incarceration in the underground rooms. She bore her father seven children of whom six survived. The 43-year-old and her kids are now living in a remote town in the Austrian countryside. Her torturer was arrested in April 2008 and sentenced to life in jail in March 2009. Fritzl is serving the spell in Stein prison in Krems.Asked when the former Fritzl family home will be torn down, Katzengruber said today: “We haven’t agreed got a date yet – and we won’t reveal it anyway.”