Fritzl ‘horror house’ may be torn down

The former residence of incest monster Josef Fritzl may be demolished, it has emerged.Bankruptcy trustee Markus Sonnleitner said today (Mon) he could imagine ordering the building in Amstetten, Lower Austria, to be torn down after liquidator Walter Anzböck failed to find an investor.Fritzl kept his own daughter Elisabeth as a sex slave in a self-built basement under the house – which has been nicknamed the “House of Horrors” – at 40 Ybbs Street. The 75-year-old incinerated the body of one of the seven children she gave birth to after the boy began showing signs of breathing complications. The incest drama emerged in 2008. Fritzl was sentenced to life in jail last year.Sonnleitner explained: “The house is destined to be demolished. Many people want it to disappear.”The bankruptcy trustee said his team was currently negotiating with town hall officials over how best to tear it down without causing too much nuisance to neighbours.This announcement comes on the back of speculations that potential future owners could turn the estate into a museum.Meanwhile, residents of the town’s Waidhofener Street are negotiating how to stop the construction of a housing complex managed by Fritzl in their road. Amstetten Mayor Herbert Katzengruber argued he had no legal way to object to the child killer’s request to set up the building in the remote street since Fritzl was still allowed to act as a businessman.The management of several properties in Amstetten and other towns owned by Fritzl, who also ran a guesthouse at the Mondsee Lake in Upper Austria, was handed over to Anzböck ahead of the trial in March 2009. The liquidator was assigned to make as much profit as possible for his victims who are currently living in a remote town in the Austrian countryside.An interview with Fritzl in the Stein prison in Krems hit the headlines all over the world recently. The incest beast told German newspaper Bild that he was convinced his former wife and children were kept from visiting him in jail.Fritzl also admitted dreaming about getting out of imprisonment alive to look after his ex-wife. “She was always faithful,” he said.