My wife and kids love me, claims Fritzl

Incest monster Josef Fritzl has said he was convinced his former wife was still in love with him.The 75-year-old, who was jailed for life after admitting to rape, incest, murder and enslavement last year, told reporters from German daily Bild: “I wrote her (wife Rosemarie Fritzl) eight letters. She didn’t reply to any of them. But I know that she’s still in love with me.”Fritzl, who imprisoned his own daughter Elisabeth in a self-built cellar dungeon under the family home in the Lower Austrian town of Amstetten for 24 years, also said: “I often think of her at night. I dream of getting out of here alive, because I’d love to look after my wife. She was always faithful.”Rosemarie Fritzl divorced from her pervert husband after his crimes emerged. She claimed in police interviews never having known what her ex-husband was doing in the basement. Josef Fritzl was arrested in April 2008 and sentenced to life behind bars in a trial in St. Pölten in March 2009. He is imprisoned in the ward for abnormal criminals at the Stein prison in the Lower Austrian town of Krems.Fritzl claimed in the interview his wife and his 13 children were kept from visiting him. “I’m sure someone keeps them away from me, someone bans them from coming here,” he said.Fritzl lives in a 11.5-square-metre cell. He has a satellite TV and allowed to go for a 60-minute walk in the jail’s courtyard everyday. Prison officials decided to strictly separate Fritzl, who swipes the hallways of the jail as his daily chord, from other inmates amid fears they could attack him.Asked by Bild about his hobbies and preferences, Fritzl revealed being a fan of US comedy sitcom “Two and a Half Men”. He said: “The boy starring in the series reminds me of my son. Watching the programme lifts my mood. I have to laugh now and then. Your soul gets destroyed when you are sad all the time.”Fritzl denied to say whether he regretted any of his monstrous crimes, but is happy to explain why he let his hair grow. “I hate hairdressers even more than dentists,” he tells the German journalists with a smile.Recent reports had jail officials feared Fritzl might kill himself. However, Adelheid Kastner – who told judges at Fritzl’s trial he was sane when he kept his daughter as a sex slave – said he will not commit suicide because he wants to “take responsibility”.The psychologist explained: “Fritzl crossed so many borders, but he has some nevertheless. He would never commit suicide as he has got certain ideas of justice. He now wants to take responsibility for his crimes.”Kastner also claimed Fritzl was “no murderer in the classical sense”.Speaking to Austrian magazine News, she said: “Fritzl accepted the death of one of his children, but he was probably not able to deliberately plan the death of a human. He did not cross this border as he regarded it as a taboo not to be breached.”Fritzl incinerated the body of one of the seven children his daughter Elisabeth gave birth to in the cellar dungeon. The newborn boy died after having developed breathing complications.