Vienna coffee smell may spur Romanian bookings

Austrian tourism chiefs hope for more reservations by Romanians after the smell of Viennese coffee is being spread at an underground station in Bucharest as part of a new marketing stunt.The scent of fine coffee from Vienna is automatically being diffused every 10 minutes at the Romanian capital’s busy Piata Universitatii station as part of a marketing initiative in partnership with a local café.Tourism officials in Vienna now hope that the creative initiative will not only help the café to boost its sales but that it will also lead to more overnight stays by Romanians in the Austrian capital.The number of Romanians spending holidays in Vienna has risen over the past few years after having been very low during the Communist era. The country is considered as a key future market by tourism marketing experts.An overall 1.058 million nights were spent by tourists in Vienna in September. Officials said it was the first time in history that more than one million overnight stays occurred this month. Two-digit increases of guests from Germany, Switzerland, Russia and other important markets were identified as the main reason for the positive development.