How to Create a Pumpkin Surprise

With Halloween becoming ever more popular in Austria it was only natural that the wildlife should also be allowed to get in on the act.And although there might have been a slight paws for thought when first added to the cage – a quick look at their contents shows these pumpkins are more treat than trick at Vienna’s Schoenbrunn Zoo in Austria.All the zoo’s animals – from lions to the banded mongoose – had their favourite snacks hidden in the hollowed out pumpkins as a way of making their meals more interesting.The mongooses used the holes cut into the pumpkin to fish out tasty live worms which seemed to frighten the spectators more than the animals.Meanwhile, the lions used their massive paws to bash them about like footballs until they burst open revealing mouth-watering cuts of goat meat.”It keeps meals interesting for them with new problems to solve and things to play with,” explained one keeper.* And for a last minute Halloween treat – Austrian stationary firm Kores had a Halloween hit this year with a tip on how to turn paper post it notes into a Pumpkin Surprise.We tried the idea from the Austrian firm that was established in 1887 and can recommend it as a fun variation on the traditional hollow pumpkin idea.¬†All you need is glue and a packet of post it notes – and to printout the instructions for a pumpkin variation that will give the kids something a bit different.