Woman rescued from river with jump leads

Fire-fighters used jump cables to rescue a woman from an ice-cold river yesterday (Weds).The 39-year-old from St. Valentin in Lower Austria jumped into the Enns near the Upper Austrian town of Traun after her dog was about to be swept away by the waters. She was able to rescue the canine, but failed to reach the embankment herself.The woman managed to call local police with her mobile before the connection collapsed. Firemen eventually dragged the woman to safety using tied together jump leads. The woman, who sustained a hypothermia, was hospitalised in a local clinic.Last month, a 72-year-old woman died in a lake after her car was hit by another vehicle when she backed out of a parking space.The pensioner failed to stop her car from ending up in the Wiestal reservoir after it was rammed by a driver when she reversed out of a parking spot in Hallein, Salzburg.The woman was unable to get out of her sinking car. Paramedics failed to revive her.