Teachers to get hands on training on farms

Future teachers will get their knowledge directly from farms. Students of teacher training colleges will learn practical things about how modern agriculture works. They will be able to teach their future students.

The project “School on Farms” has already been established. Future teachers will now go to farms in order to fill gaps in their knowledge. According to Barbara Schwarz (ÖVP), state councillor of education, there are gaps of knowledge in regards to agriculture.

“We missed the modernisation of the farms and I think that it would be good to teach everyone and to give the farmers the opportunity to show what they accomplish”, Ms Schwarz stated.

Agricultural state councillor Stephan Pernkopf (ÖVP) said that the image of a farm was often a wrong one.

“We do not have any petting zoos. We keep livestock and we value healthy production of food. If someone wants to eat Schnitzel, they should know that the pig was slaughtered beforehand. Many do not know this anymore and want to suppress the thought”, Mr Pernkopf stated.

The initiative thus creates appreciation for the preservation of healthy food production.