Burgenland winery produces 1L-bottles of wine

The traditional 0,75-litre bottle of wine as we know it is thought to have been invented by the French emperor Napoleon.

Austrian wine producers also completely moved across to the 0,75 litre-bottles after the wine scandal in 1985.

The “Groszer Wein” winery in the Einsenberg district of Burgenland, however, has decided to go back to one-litre bottles with traditional motives from the turn of the century.

The winery’s manager Matthias Krön said: “Groszer Wein wants to make traditions come alive again.”

The grapes grow at the best possible spot on the hills of the Eisenberg. There are three varieties of wine on offer at Groszer Wein – the Blaufränkisch, a red cuvee and a white cuvee. The wine cellar master Markus Bach said there was also a mixed composition, the so-called “gemischten Satz”.

Traditionally, the grapes were planted at random so that harvest was secured for the winery. Many have now gone back to that technique and there are several mixed vineyards to be found in Eisenberg.

The Groszer wine can only be bought on the specialist market. Matthias Krön and Markus Bach have already launched their next project – an Austrian magnum, a two-litre classic.