New panda baby for Vienna Zoo

This is the moment a doting panda mum came eye to eye with her minutes-old cub for the first time after giving birth in an Austrian zoo.

Mum Yang Yang gave birth naturally to the four inch long (10 cms) cub at Vienna’s Schoenbrunn Zoo, a rarity in panda pregnancies.

Zoo director Dagmar Schratter said: “Yang Yang had hardly left the box for days. She would only leave to get bamboo and then return.

“On Wednesday at around noon we heard baby noises coming from the box. Of course we are happy.”

This CCTV shot from Yang Yang’s birthing enclosure shows the moment just minutes after the birth when she cradles her newborn cub – to her face for the first time.

“She is getting a close look at her newborn and making sure she has her scent. It’s part of the early bonding process,” said one keeper.

Zoo officials say the youngster – as yet unnamed – weighed in at just 3.5 ounces (100 grams)