Carnuntum Experience: 13 days of celebrations

The Carnuntum Experience in Bruck an der Leitha is celebrating a fest – for 19 days food, wine and the region is being celebrated.

The wine growing region is around 1000 hectares in size and between August 14th and September 1st there are 70 different events everything from White Wine Fashion, a party all in white to a dinner experience based on the time of Josef Haydn.

Visitors can expect plenty a varied programme of events, as well as plenty of food, drink and local culture.

Vintner Robert Payr said: “We will not only make national and international presentations, we will also be making regional presentations. We want to be able to show the people where the wine come from, where it grows, what it looks like there. We want people when they drink a bottle of wine from Carnuntum to be able to say, its really nice there, nice people, a beautiful area.”

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