Rosenberger celebrates 40 years of great food

Motorway service station restaurants do not usually conjure up images of mouthwatering culinary experiences, but Austria as every driver knows is very much the exception to this rule.

This year Rosenberger celebrates its 40th anniversary since it was opened in 1972 by Heinz J. Rosenberger. And to celebrate it the chain is making sure drivers get the chance of a surprise gift special offer that changes every month.

As an example in May the Rosenberger-Torte is on special offer with the Kaisermelange while in July and August there are special offers on food for children.

The company now has 20 restaurants offering freshly cooked and served food at buffets, although as any visitor to the chain knows the company’s innovative approach to motorway service stations does not stop at its food.

Souvenir and gift shops and a speedy one-stop payment system for everything is also a Rosenberger initiative. And together with ideas such as a special children’s menu or children’s playground or even children’s birthday party offers it has insured it gets over 6 million visitors a year.

The food offerings are always fresh, seasonal and related to the local area. The company tries to act as an ambassador for the typical Austrian culinary experiences so that although there are international dishes the local menu items take prominence.

That includes making sure there is a wide variety of coffee options on offer – the Rosenberger-Kaiser-Melange has even taken its place in the country’s cafe hall of fame.

Healthy eating is promoted by the “Rosenberger-Frisch & Vital” range which aims to offer light refreshing and vitamin rich snacks for the hungry traveller.

In the last year the chain has added three new locations and other locations were revamped and upgraded.