Das Boot shows the way to the hotel

An Austrian hotel has fixed this yacht by artist Erwin Wurm to the roof of ithe building with the front melting so that it points down to the front entrance.

Hotel Daniel management in the Austrian capital Vienna refused to say how much they spent for the project which had to get special permission to be included on top of the property – which has monumental protection because it was built in 1960 by Georg Lippert.

Council officials agreed that the boat could remain in place for four years after which it will have to be removed.

Businessmen Florian Weitzer said that he felt that the artists were added to the building which was already one of the attractions on the Landstraßer Gürtel ring-road.

He said: “Millions of years ago this entire region was under water anyway – so seeing a boat here is really just recognising that fact.”

The cost of the art project named “Misconceivable” was not disclosed but Weitzer said the idea was to point the way to a hotel the didn’t want to look like a hotel.

This is they wanted to contribute to the living urban feel of the city by using what they called “Urban Gardening” on the roof and also to include extra facilities inside such as an in-house bakery and a unique astronomy concept.