Geiger novel only beaten by Suter’s latest work


Arno Geiger’s most recent book has been identified as the bestselling novel by an Austrian this year.Publishing group Schwarzer announced that “Alles über Sally” sold more copies than the latest novels by US American writer Donna Leon (“Schöner Schein” or About Face) and Swedish fiction author Henning Mankell (“Der Feind im Schatten” or Den orolige […]

Kampusch deserves €2mn compensation, says MP

General News

Greens MP Peter Pilz has claimed one to two million Euros was a “realistic” amount of financial compensation for kidnap victim Natascha Kampusch.The politician caused a stir some weeks ago by publishing top secret police files suggesting that authorities attempted to cover up investigation blunders into the abduction case.The documents show that investigators failed to […]