Geiger novel only beaten by Suter’s latest work

Arno Geiger’s most recent book has been identified as the bestselling novel by an Austrian this year.Publishing group Schwarzer announced that “Alles über Sally” sold more copies than the latest novels by US American writer Donna Leon (“Schöner Schein” or About Face) and Swedish fiction author Henning Mankell (“Der Feind im Schatten” or Den orolige mannen).In Austria is was only “Der Koch” by Swiss writer Martin Suter which was sold more often than Geiger’s latest book between January and this month, according to figures presented today (Mon).Geiger, regarded as one of the most gifted novelists in German-speaking Europe, was awarded the German Book Prize for “Es geht uns gut” in 2005.Gianluigi Nuzzi’s “Vatikan AG” (Vaticano S.p.A) tops the annual non-fiction chart in which kidnap victim Natascha Kampusch’s autobiography “3,096 Tage” (3,096 Days) makes just eighth place despite massive interest by media from all over the world.