Energy prices still soaring


Higher household servicing expenses have avoided a significant decrease of inflation in Austria last month.State agency Statistik Austria found that a 3.3 per cent rise in energy prices and a 2.7 per cent increase of housing maintenance costs kept the annual inflation rate from declining more significantly than from 2.1 per cent in November 2009 […]

Austria misses EU research investment target


Austria failed to reach the European Union’s (EU) research investments benchmark of three per cent, it has been exposed.Federal statistics agency Statistik Austria said today (Thurs) it expected the government to spend 7.805 billion Euros on research and development this year. This figure would make only 2.76 per cent of the country’s gross domestic product […]

Austrians save more money than EU average


Austrians save more than the European average, new figures show.Federal statistics agency Statistik Austria said yesterday (Weds) Austrians put eleven per cent of their incomes into saving accounts last year – while the average European Union (EU) rate was 5.5 per cent. And 8.3 per cent of incomes in the Eurozone – the 16 European […]