Microorganisms as powerhouses for electricity storage

Green Austria

An innovative process for storing electricity generated from renewable energy sources is now market ready, a fourth patent application having been filed. The process, which was developed by Austrian company Krajete GmbH and is based on microorganisms, enables a highly efficient and environmentally friendly conversion of climate-damaging CO2 and hydrogen into – storable – methane. […]

Flak tower crane removed to make way for viewing platform


A huge crane left over from the war and mounted on top of one of Vienna’s massive Flak towers is set to be taken down after 70 years to make way for a new panorama viewing platform. During the war Vienna built six massive flak towers in which people could take shelter and which were […]

Minister wants rethink over GM foods after rat death study


Austria’s minister for agriculture and the environment has called on the European Commission to review its approval process for genetically modified (GM) food after a controversial French study linked a kind of GM corn to higher health risks in rats. French scientists said that rats fed on Monsanto’s GM corn or exposed to its top-selling […]

Garden furniture maker goes bust


More than 120 people may lose their jobs due to the bankruptcy of an Upper Austrian company. The Oberösterreichische Nachrichten (OÖN) newspaper reports today (Thurs) that Acamp will soon start a final clearance sale. The paper claims all measures to keep the firm afloat have failed. Acamp, which specialises in manufacturing garden furniture, filed for […]

Wheelie bin sleeper injured by trash compactor

General News

A 26-year-old man was seriously injured in a trash compactor this morning (Mon).Viennese garbage collection authorities said workers halted the process when emptying bins in Donaustadt district after hearing the man’s screams.The resident of Vienna was dragged out of the rubbish truck with serious internal injuries and cuts.It has not been made clear why he […]